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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Sawmill Lofts located? The Sawmill Lofts are located at 1801 Bellamah Ave. NW, at the corner of 19th St. and Bellamah Ave. NW. This is 3 blocks east of Rio Grande Blvd and Hotel Albuquerque (formerly Sheraton Hotel) and 3 blocks north of the Natural History Museum on Mountain Rd. Currently this is the construction site. Mail, deliveries, and walk-ins cannot be received at this location.

When will applications become available? Applications became available on Monday, January 9th, 2006. Applications can be downloaded from our website or can be picked up in person at the Sawmill Community Land Trust office located at 904 19th St. NW. For directions or office hours call (505) 764-0359.

Where should I mail my application? Sawmill Lofts, P.O. Box 25181, Albuquerque, NM 87125-5181

When will application be accepted? Applications began to be accepted on Monday, January 16th, 2006.

Who can apply for the Sawmill Lofts? The Sawmill Lofts are open to the general public. All interested individuals and families are encouraged to apply. The live/work spaces and amenities are ideal for artists and those that work at home.

What are the restrictions for artisan activity? Welding, hazardous and flammable chemicals and loud noise that will disturb other tenants are not allowed.

What is the application process? The Sawmill Lofts live/work spaces will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis to qualified applicants. To increase your chances of securing a live/work space, you should complete the application process as soon as possible. Applicants need to complete a rental application, and attend an orientation about the Sawmill Lofts and living on the Sawmill Community Land Trust, which are offered twice a month. After completing the rental application and an orientation, applicants will then be scheduled to meet with the property manager to verify income, to determine eligibility and rent, check references, and sign a lease. A $25.00 fee is required for a background check. Please see DETAILS: Eligibility & Rent for income qualifications. Applicants will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis after all components of the application process have been completed.

Do college students qualify to rent lofts? Yes, however a household cannot be made up solely of full-time students over the age of 18. In other words, at least one person in the household cannot be a full time student.

What happens if my income changes? Tenants must reapply each year. This is called recertification. Your rent may increase or decrease if your income has changed, but even if your income goes above the maximum allowable income, you will not lose your loft.

Are pets allowed? Yes, currently a pet policy is being developed that may require a special damage deposit and limit the number and type of pets. This policy will be posted soon.

Can I purchase a loft instead of renting? No, the Sawmill Lofts are only available for renting, not for purchasing. However, the Sawmill Community Land Trust will be developing four live/work spaces in the future that will be available for purchase. If interested please contact Paul Guevara at 764-0359 or paulsclt@comcast.net

How long are the leases available for? Only one-year leases are available.

Does rent include any utilities? Yes, it includes water, sewer and refuse collection. Also, the rents are reduced to provide an allowance for the tenant to pay gas and electric.

What makes a loft different from an apartment? The main difference between an apartment and a loft (aside from the type of building) is the layout. Most apartments have walls dividing living, dining, and sleeping spaces. Lofts tend to be one open space with little or no wall divisions. The Sawmill Lofts are unique in that they offer a variety of open and closed configurations.

What amenities do the Sawmill Lofts offer? Amenities include one, two, and three bedroom units that range from 613 - 1140 sq. ft., a 2160 sq. ft. multi-purpose room for gallery shows, events, performances, etc., a 630 sq. ft. indoor workshop space with glass garage door, a 331 sq. ft. meeting space, nine-foot ceilings, large windows with natural light, inspiring views, washer/dryer hook ups, laundry facilities, dishwasher, garbage disposal, oversized exhaust kitchen fans, cable hook-up, oversized elevator, outdoor courtyard, children's playground, barbeques, community garden area, and off-street parking.

Are the stove and dryer hookups gas or electric? Both the stove and dryer hookups are electric. Only the hot water heater is gas fired.

What are tax credits? A subsidy offered by the federal government to help create affordable housing. The Mortgage Finance Authority manages this in New Mexico. The Sawmill Community Land Trust applied for tax credits in 2004 and were 1 of 6 applicants out of 20 that received housing tax credits. In part, this was due to the exemplary design and points awarded because of the architecture.

What is green design? Green design is the catchall term for a growing industry trend within the fields of architecture, construction, and interior design. Also referred to as "sustainable design" or "eco-design", the broad principles of green design are fairly simple: choose energy efficiency wherever possible; work in harmony with the natural features and resources surrounding the project site; and use materials that are sustainably grown or recycled rather than new materials from non-renewable resources. The Sawmill Lofts exceeds code as far as energy efficiency due to a higher level of insulation, a reflective roof and energy saving appliances. The landscaping is all low water use zeriscaping. In addition, south and west facing windows are made with Low E glass, which performs better in preventing heat loss in winter and preventing overheating in summer. Living and working in the same space can equal a zero commute, and if commuting is necessary, bus lines are near by. The ADV master planned garden and Sawmill Lofts community garden are also both elements of green design.

Are units wheelchair or handicap accessible? Four lofts are designed to be completely handicapped accessible. Other units are accessible but do not have all the amenities like shower grab bars, lower counter tops, and turnaround space for wheel chairs in bathrooms.

What are the floors made out of? The first floor is concrete finished very simply with sealer. The second and third floors are plywood covered with gypsum based concrete and then covered with vinyl tile (VCT). Where there is an enclosed bedroom the flooring is a commercial grade of carpet.

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