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Sawmill Lofts Floor Plans and Unit Plans

The Sawmill Lofts is a 60-unit project which will have 28 one-bedroom, one-bath units ranging in size from 613 to 740 square feet, 18 two-bedroom, one-bath units ranging from 828 to 884 square feet, and 14 three-bedroom, two-bath units ranging from 1050 to 1149 square feet. All the units are single story flats with the exception of the C1 unit which has a second floor loft. Most unit types occur in multiple times on multiple levels.

Ground Level Site Plan (1st Story) North is to the Right of the ViewerSE Residential Wing Apt # 101 to 108SW Community Area Rm # 001 to 007NW Residential Wing Apt # 110 to 118NE Residential Wing Apt # 119 to 124
Ground Level Site Plan: Clicking on 1 of the 4 colored corners of the Plan will pop-up a new window and display the enlarged section (starting from lower left and circling clockwise):
SE Residential Wing SW Community Area NW Residential Wing NE Residential Wing

Floor Plans (Adobe Acrobat PDF Image Files)

  • Level 1 Site: Ground level site plan (with sidewalks, driveways, parking, patios, etc.)
  • Level 1: Ground level floor plan (1st story)
  • Level 2: Second level floor plan (2nd story)
  • Level 3: Third level floor plan (3rd story)

Unit Plans (with HTML/GIF & Adobe Acrobat PDF Image Files)

PicturePDF imagePhotosBRBathSqFtNotes
A1aPDFFotoShow11675Open BR
A1bPDFFotoShow11709Open BR
A2PDFFotoShow11685Open BR
A3PDFFotoShow11613Open BR
A4PDFFotoShow11740Open BR
A5PDFFotoShow11718Open BR
B1PDFFotoShow218842 closed BRs
B2PDFFotoShow218281 open, 1 closed BRs
B2clPDFFotoShow218282 closed BRs
Stairs to 2nd floor loft
1 open, 2 closed BRs
C3PDFFotoShow3211131 open, 2 closed BRs
C4PDFFotoShow3211491 open, 2 closed BRs
C4aPDFFotoShow3211001 open, 2 closed BRs
C4hcPDFFotoShow3211491 open, 2 closed BRs
C5PDFFotoShow3210501 open, 2 closed BRs

All the above Floor Plans and Unit Plans
(Adobe Acrobat PDF Image Files)

All Plans- Zipped Archive of all PDF Image Files
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